About Us

Welcome to The Galleria Collection ~ Styled by Dawn & Irene!

We are an independent boutique that is run by 2 childhood schoolmates. The seed for our boutique was planted during a Facebook conversation on a cold November day in 2016. As we were chatting back & forth on Facebook, Dawn said to Irene, “Have you seen these girls selling clothes on Facebook? I’ve been watching them, they are killing it!” Irene had noticed the phenom in passing but was not particularly captivated. She did know that if Dawn had noticed it to the level she had an opinion on the business aspect, that it might be worth checking out, and so she did…..

Aside from being a business model neither had ever encountered, the only experience in the retail clothing industry was the experience Irene had working retail a very long, long time ago. To Irene it appeared to be A LOT of work & a hefty investment. But, Irene also clearly realized from a business perspective why it intrigued Dawn enough to bring it to Irene’s attention. After a few days of online stalking of the business, Irene asked Dawn if she would be interested in doing this as a partnership.

Dawn said “YES!” and the engine was started. We joke that we could teach investigative techniques to the pros but honestly, it isn’t joking. It was time to dig in and see what other business opportunities like this exist and may be more aligned with who we were and our goals...the due diligence began. By the time we selected a direct sales clothing company, we were both dreaming about clothing!

In May of 2017, we officially opened our doors! We were committed to bring our customers high quality, stylish clothing. After a year of learning and growing as boutique owners, we decided to break away from the direct sales company and become an independent boutique and The Galleria Collection ~ Styled by Dawn & Irene was born.

Our commitment has not changed. We remain dedicated to offering high quality clothing in styles you will love for your everyday life. We are so excited to share our shopping adventures with you! We can’t thank you all enough for supporting our small business & choosing to shop with us for the past year and a half. We hope you will continue on this journey in fashion with us. We have so many pretties on the way just for you!