Additional Shipping Time

“Please allow for additional shipping times”

 What does that mean?  Your order will ship  direct from the manufacturer arriving within 12-20 days.

Why aren’t you sending my order? While we maintain a physical inventory of 600+ items at any given time, our goal is to continue to bring you new styles on a regular basis, being able to order directly from our manufacturers allows us to accomplish this.

Where is my order shipping from? Your garment could be traveling from the USA, China, Indonesia, and Thailand, among others. When we shop, we ALWAYS look for quality merchandise made in the USA. Sadly, the reality of this is there are not many options for USA made garments.

But the sizes, how will I know it will fit? Fear not! Over the past year and a half, we have always been proactive in helping you find the right size and garment for your body. We pride ourselves in our ability to virtually size you and find your best fit. Always refer to the size chart posted with each item. Sizes vary no matter the store or manufacturer, we promise we’ve got you!

How will I know I will be receiving a quality item? We pre-ordering items prior to making them available to you to ensure quality and monitor shipping timelines. As always, we will stand behind what we carry & if something isn’t right, we will make it right.

Will you still have in-home inventory and in-person shopping at your boutiques?  YES!!  We LOVE having our boutiques and hosting in-home shopping events. This option is in addition to, not a replacement for, our current business practices.